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Top Things to Do When You Cannot Find a Job

Job, Money and cozy life is the most essential things in one’s life. The hell breaks when one cannot find a job. Sometimes, we build our own cocoons and hide ourselves there, in order to not face the world. This way we feel we can be safe. However, is it always okay to not address the situation and hide ourselves in our cocoons? These are the inhibitions we need to curb from our lives. Isn’t that equivalent to living with flaws? Sometimes, working in places that you haven’t graduated for can be your strength. Here are a few ways – things ...
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MOOCs and How They Can Increase Your Chances of Employment

MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses have attracted a lot of attention lately because of the nature of these courses. MOOCs offer detailed online education on selected topics, mainly in the fields of business, web design, software development, literature and culture. These offer material of a very wide range. Generally they cater to anyone and it depends on what the student chooses. Some courses are targeted at and designed for beginners, while some are meant for people who are already well acquainted with the subject of their choice. MOOCs mostly ...
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5 Tips From an Old Friend: How to Manage Your Money While at University

Being an undergraduate (or a postgraduate, so to speak) is a scary enough experience in addition to all the worries about money. The less you think about the financial side of your life in these few years, the more you would focus on learning and developing. So here we offer you 5 tips for reducing stress which could be caused by your constant ‘moneyless’ condition. Go for the low price A very clever thing every new undergraduate could do is take a walk around town and find the cheapest prices for all the products one usually needs. That ...
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Financially Prepare Yourself for a Job Loss

Many individuals lost their jobs and livelihoods during the 2008 financial crisis.  As a result, hopes and dreams were dashed.  The world was on the brink of a financial disaster!  People with jobs attempted to hold onto what they had while others scrambled to become employed.  I remember the time when I lost my job.  My entire department had been let go due to lack of sales.  Despite losing my job, it was not the end of the world.  I ended up getting better opportunities and being better prepared in case this happens again.  You too can ...
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Live the Life of Your Dreams with a Home Business

Thousands of persons are becoming more and more disillusioned with working at their 9-5 jobs and are beginning to explore the possibilities of living their dream life by having a home based business. There was a time when this seemed exactly that, like hitting the jackpot at the slots machine, a dream, but with the rapid advancement of the internet this has become a very real possibility for a lot of people. Affiliate Marketing Here’s how you can turn that possibility into a reality for you. For a while now there have been options for home based ...
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How to Quit Your Job and Do What You Want

Millions of employees around the world are getting tired and sick of their jobs. This isn’t new. So many people feel stuck in their jobs and don’t know what to do. Although they have million dollar ideas, they do not have enough spirit and courage to quit their jobs. They are fearful and they are afraid of taking risks. Here are simple steps to quit your job and do what you want in life: Why do you want to quit? Before you quit your job, it is first important to ask yourself why you want to quit at the first place. Are you interested ...
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Negotiating For Benefits Instead of Cash

When negotiating with an employer, it doesn’t always mean that you have to ask for more cash. There might not always be cash there for you to negotiate for, or you may even value other benefits more than cash. Many times, benefits are worth much more than a monetary raise. Usually there is only so much of a raise that you can ask for, but with benefits you may have more of a chance to improve your overall salary/benefits package Before you negotiate, there are always tasks that you should accomplish first and questions that you should ask ...
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Advice To Increase Your Productivity

If you are a busy person, then every minute that you can find is something that is worthwhile to you. Almost everyone complains about not having enough time to do the things that they want. I know this, I’m one of those people! However, I do many little things to increase my productivity. Whether you work for someone else, have your own business, have children, volunteer, and so on, you probably want to learn how to save as much time as you can. Continue reading below to hear about them! Have a to-do list. You should make a list of what you ...
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