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Not Happy at Your Job? Figure Out the Root Cause

Most people looking for a job, jump into any opportunity that comes their way. This later has the potential to make people miserable, as it might not be the right fit for them. While I understand that job hunt can be stressful, and you might want to get it over with as soon as you can, I also know how important it is to do your due diligence. Researching about the company is important to know if what they believe in is what you want to work with, the work culture of the place, learning opportunities, career growth, flexibility, etc. are in ...
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How to Set-Up Perfectly for Your Video Interview

With video interviews, you do not have the fear of actually facing the interviewer in-person. You don’t have to worry about how you walk, how you sit, how you cross your legs. Video interviews might have an advantage over in-person interviews for many people. The rise of startups and remote working culture is making video interviews more common because they are more convenient and make the most sense considering many of the employees are from different geographical regions. While they can be easier than in-person interviews because ...
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Hire graduates

5 Reasons Why Employers Hire Fresh Graduates

Getting a stable job has never been this difficult. Fresh graduates join their college thinking they are going to land a job the day they walk out. But everyone knows the reality. Very few people get placed just after finishing college. Others have to struggle and work really hard just to get an interview. This is mainly due to employers preferring to only hire fresh graduates. The best ones get selected and the average students end up disappointed and heartbroken. But by knowing what exactly these employers are looking for, you can make yourself ...
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Making Passion your Career

Somebody has said it beautifully, ‘the ideal and best life is to live a life of your dreams’. Dreams are the fuel to our life. They spark imagination, innovation and make our lives beautiful. People dream about being successful, indulging into good associations and the list is endless. Whatever the dreams one thing is amongst them is sure. One does dream of doing such things in life which will bring to them immense pleasure. Making a career out of the things you love doing is a huge blessing. Not everybody has such a luxury. Making a career ...
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Tips for Nailing your Job Interview

An interview is the first step towards getting your dream job and there are certain obstacles in that. Nervousness, lack of the self-confidence build-up and a lot more things start to circle around you. If you are the first time applier, then the situation gets harder for you as you don’t have any previous experience. Don’t worry we bring you the top tips by which you can nail your interview in no time and snatch that job from everyone else. These tips would not only help you to just prepare yourself for the interview but also help you to leave ...
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Recruitment process

Some Factors that Affect Recruitment

If you are someone who has been looking for a job recently and has just not been able to get one, you should actually not think that you are not worth it. Usually, people tend to develop self-criticism and doubt themselves. But, you may not be aware that the hiring process does not just get affected by your skills and educational qualifications. There are a number of factors that affect recruitment. In case you wish to know what they are, keep reading ahead to know about some of these elements and how they influence your role in the company. Size ...
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How to Prepare Quantitative Ability for MBA Entrances

Why did out high school teachers insist on us concentrating on out math all the time? Well, because most of the concepts are used later on in life, in major professions. For all those MBA aspirants, whether you are preparing for GMAT or for CAT. With the entrance test date coming close, it is time to revise your quantitative ability sections for the test. Here’s a MASTER ARTICLE that will help you out with all topics that you might what to check once before you move on to the next section of Verbal Ability or Logical Reasoning, something ...
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Think Outside The Box On Your Next Career Move

Many people have reached points in their lives where it is time to really think about what you want to do with your career. When you think about the job search, you can easily get overwhelmed thinking about how daunting it is. While you may think that you are only going to find your next 9 to 5 at local career fairs or online, you may be surprised to learn there are other creative ways in which to find that new job. Below are some great tips for thinking outside of the box for your next career move. Let Your Job Skills Lead The Way Everyone has ...
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