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5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest

Credit cards are great when used as a financial tool. Most credit card companies make money due to the user being uninformed about the billing process. You can avoid almost 100 percent of interest on your credit card by knowing what factors they consider before billing you. Read further to know how keeping your average daily balance high can get you out of debt. Here are the 5 smart ways to reduce your credit card interest. 1) Convert to EMI Don’t hesitate to convert your credit card dues to EMI due to the additional charges that come ...
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Credit Cards & Dependency Issues

Are you a shopaholic? Do you love to go around the mall, try new outfits, get your hands on the latest gadgets, but everything you like? With this spending addiction becoming so common amongst the youngsters, everybody is seen swiping their credit cards. Swipe and pay! You don’t have money? It is okay, the credit card will manage the situation. Take the new shoes home, you can pay the money later when your back account shows some figures. It is good thing but, isn’t it? NO. Because every time you swipe your credit card (and you not have adequate ...
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Understanding Credit Basics

Credit – The ability of a customer to purchase goods and avail services before payment, based on the trust that the payment will be made in future. How to improve your score? If you want to improve your credit score, follow the following tips. Subscribe to healthy repayment habit: (a) Pay your bills on time, don’t delay. (b) Clear the missed payments. (c) Get counseling and understand how to not let it fall Manage your debt. Keep the balances low, in fact very low. Pay off debt rather than delaying it. Don’t close unused cards. Don’t ...
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Cash or credit card?

Life Without Credit Cards

Is it possible to go through life without ever having any credit cards? Some people use credit cards everytime they make a purchase. Others may only use their credit cards for big ticket items. And some people never use a credit card. In fact some people do not even have a credit card in their name. A recent poll by showed that some 29 percent of 1,004 respondents ages 18 years old or older said they did not own a credit card. So why are people saying no to credit cards? People are saying no to credit cards as a way to protect themselves ...
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Credit Card For Bad Credit

If there has been any lesson that has been almost universally learned in the past few years it is that very few people are immune to financial problems. Even people who had always had stellar credit in the past have seen their credit scores plummet due to unforeseen circumstances such as job losses or the loss of value on homes, stocks and retirement accounts a few years ago or even now. Even so, life goes on and emergencies and life essentials come up. Do you have no credit or poor credit? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a credit card on hand ...
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Should You Use Department Store Credit Cards?

Do you apply for, and use, department store credit cards? Do you think there are any advantages or disadvantages to using them? Some of the disadvantages really only apply to people who are unable to pay their amount owing in full each month. Why? Because most often department store credit cards charge very high interest rates and if you simply make the minimum payments each month your purchase will quickly cost you double what you actually paid for it. Department store credit cards are great for someone that needs to improve their credit score. ...
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How To Make Sure You Use Credit Cards Correctly So That You Don’t Go Into Credit Card Debt

The other day I published the article 6 Reasons You Should Look Into Getting Your First Credit Card. Even though I am all for credit cards, I know and understand that many people misuse them. Misusing credit cards can lead to debt, stress, money problems, and more. These are all things that people do not want. Below are my tips on how to make sure you use credit cards correctly so that you don’t go into credit card debt: Always review your transactions. I like to review my transactions on my credit cards around once per week. This way I don’t ...
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