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What are Your Rights as an Employee?

What are Your Rights as an Employee? It is important for every person of the working class, to know their rights. So contract of employment can take away the rights you have by law. Every worker, regardless of the job profile, the number of hours they work and the wages they are paid are entitled to certain legal rights. Some of the basic rights include: Written statement of terms of employment has to be handed over to the worker within 2 months of his start. The worker has to be paid at least the national minimum wage. This even includes the ...
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What Type of Photo is Best for LinkedIn?

While Facebook and Instagram are trendy, these days the whole working world is at LinkedIn. Just like how a girl or a boy interested in you, will first checkout your Facebook profile, it is most likely that a businessman or a person about to hire you (usually the overcritical HR) is going to judge you by your LinkedIn account and the first thing he/she is going to notice is you profile picture. Your profile picture can be one of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile. Research shows that just having a proper profile picture makes your ...
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Hottest Emerging Industries

Technology has given birth to millions of jobs opportunities since time immemorial. The term job may seem simple and compact but the deep inside it lies years of endless frustrations and dissatisfactions. Out of every 3, 2 are those who don’t feel like working in their given sector. Revenue is the only reason which binds people to the unattractive job conditions. However, some opt for building startups in order to escape their boring job lives. This has lead to the introduction of some industries which have their aims and work environments ...
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Advantages of Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is a self starting process which proceeds without any external input. It is the main reason behind the success of many startups like Facebook, etc where the developers didn’t have to worry about the external debts. While bootstrapping, you need to make sure that you have quite a reliable stack to fund to your business. This means you don’t rely on any banks or investors for the required funding at the start. This reduces the external pressure on you which lead to a self sustaining business. At some of point of time you ...
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A Logistical Nightmare Solved

If your company relies on logistical support in order to operate effectively, then you’ll know what a nightmare it can be if your supply chain or your delivery service is not performing very well. Delays in receiving large consignments of supplies delivered on pallets can throw a spanner in the works of your entire schedule, damage your reputation as a reliable company and lead to unhappy clients who may not be clients for much longer. The same applies to deliveries, if you don’t get goods out to customers when promised, they won’t be happy ...
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Top 4 Lift Trucks for Your Construction Business

When you are in the construction game, you are going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting. Unless you want to look like the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, employing a few thousand people to lift all of that material for you, you are going to want to look into getting a lift truck or a fleet of them to help you out in your endeavors. Choosing a proper lift truck depends on what you will be lifting. For example, you won’t need to bother getting a high powered truck if all you are going to be lifting is bags of cement. Choose the trucks that suit the ...
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Three Tips to a Successful Wholesale Business

Starting up a wholesale business can seem like an extremely profitable venture. Buying products in bulk for cheap before selling on at a significant amount more to retailers and other businesses makes it seem like an easy path to riches. There’s more to it than that though and with lots of wholesale businesses already operating in many sectors entering the market doesn’t always deliver guaranteed success. In order to increase the chances of your new wholesale company making it, there are a few key elements to think about and put into action. Choose ...
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