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How Should an Entrepreneur Deal with Competition

Most often than not, when someone has an idea regarding a new project or new invention, they are stuck under the belief that it is a groundbreaking idea. But, when they start to pursue that idea, carry out some market research, they get a reality check of what is what. When they begin to go deep into their idea, they realize that their idea exists, probably in some other form, but it does exist. There starts the race. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can possibly make is to dismiss competition. Business owners, especially the ones with small ...
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What is in the Name of Your Brand

Whenever we wish to start something new or are planning to start a new venture, we most accurately need to know what the stakes are. This is because, to start a new business, or launch a new product or even expand your current business, there is a lot of investment that goes into it, not only money-wise but also in terms of resources and time. The advantages and disadvantages of each step have to be measured properly in order to achieve success. Most often we tend to forget to pay attention to the most important things, just like the name of an ...
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How to Make Exit Pop-Ups More Interesting

There is nothing new about the concept of conversion rate optimization. But, if you search the internet, you will end up noticing that there are so many websites that are begging for optimization. It is pretty obvious that conversion rate optimization is not being used by websites to the full capacity. On the other hand, the small businesses and startups with websites tend to have the power to boost the number of subscriptions, email sign ups and sales. One of the most underrate conversion rate optimization tool is exit intent pop-up. In very simple ...
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Cheap Marketing Tips for Startups and Small Businesses

Young entrepreneurs, with their dreams of starting something new, something of their own, it is often difficult to manage the costs, with such huge capitals involved. During the initial stages, establishing a brand image in the market is a tough task, especially if the startups aren’t finding proper funding for their business. To get noticed by investors, media and the market, they need some cheap marketing strategies to be able to increase their reach. So, if you too are struggling with this problem of marketing, you could follow the tips and ...
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Business branding

Why is Employer Branding Crucial for a Company’s Success

Do you know what the most crucial aspect of any company’s strategy is? Employer brand – proper employer branding helps the company to hire betters employees, help them stay and improves costs associated with marketing. These days, organizations are deeply investing in employer branding, because in and all it improves productivity. If you still have any doubts regarding employer branding, you can read the following article to learn its importance in the current industry. Re along to find out more: (1) Every company needs employees who remain ...
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5 Benefits of Starting a Business Overseas

The generation now is of budding entrepreneurs having innovative and creative ideas to turn them into sustainable business models. Not only startups but existing businesses look beyond the domestic market to expand in overseas territories so as to reap the benefits of globalization and cross border trade. Starting a business overseas not only offers huge potential to make profits but also makes your business more innovative by utilizing the human resources and diversity that one gets from it. This has benefits like gaining from incentives and subsidies ...
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Business motivation

Things to Consider while Buying a Business

Running a business successfully is not as easy as it seems. Things are even more difficult if one has to start a new business. That is why many people consider buying a business instead of starting a new venture. But wait have you considered the below mentioned things before you fix the deal. If not do have a look at what all things you need to consider while buying a business from someone so that you may not get into trouble later. The first and foremost important thing is to set your own goal and be completely aware about it. You may want you ...
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The Importance of Net Neutrality for Small Businesses

Before we even begin with the discussion, it is important to understand what net neutrality exactly is. Net neutrality is a concept that doesn’t allow internet service providers to pick favorites or discriminate in terms of the content we post or view online. This means that your internet service provider cannot speed up or slow down or block any website. Well, the new Trump administration has overthrown the traditional net neutrality rules and the business world is messed up. Why is net neutrality so important for businesses? Net neutrality ...
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