Blundering On Black Friday


As the dawn arose on this Blackest of Black Friday?s, many a brave soul was camped out in front of their favorite shopping destination waiting for 4:00 am, 5:00 am or 6:00 am depending on the store. They brought down-filled sleeping bags and thermoses filled with hot chocolate to tide them over until the doors were finally opened and the mad crowd rushed inside looking for the deals that may only last one day (or not!).

Don?t make a blunder on Black Friday. Remember that anything that you charge today and you don?t pay off will end up costing you the savings from the sale in interest payments. Protect your credit, your sanity, and your pocketbook. Spend wisely.

(Personally, I have never been convinced that the sales will only last for one day nor am I convinced that the sale or any sale for that matter is worth the chaotic stampede?but of course that is just my opinion and to each their own!)


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