Beware Of Your Online Presence


Millions of people are on the social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are among the most visited sites on the web. However, you need to consider your privacy settings and be careful of what you post and who can see it.

Identity theft can be a problem but also social networking sites make it easier to be found. In fact, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a key tool for collection agencies to track down debtors. They search you out and watch your postings and they are then able to determine a significant amount of information about you, your finances and your life. Also if you have a profile that can be seen by anyone they can find out about your address, your employment information and job, your phone number and any number of other things that people often post.

You should also be careful who your friends are. Many people have friends on Facebook and Twitter that they don?t really know in real life. And it seems that everyday someone new is asking to be your friend or your follower. And while, they may be harmless, they may also be an axe murderer or a still-in-the-closet Bozo the Clown, or an alien from the planet Jupiter?.

Or they may be even worse?.they may be a bill collector


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