Benefits of Organising a Webinar at your Office



I am sure that all of you must have heard of a seminar. It is primarily a gathering where there are guest lecturers and people who are of a certain level of expertise in the field that address a crowd. This is one of the most common things in a lot of offices. The main of a seminar is to let the employees know more about their sector of work so that they too are able to improve themselves. A similar thing is a webinar. In the simplest of terms, a webinar refers to a seminar that is held online and people can gain access to it without having to come to any venue physically. Rad ahead now to know about the benefits of a webinar at your office.

  1. It is highly convenient for the employees: Firstly, one of the biggest benefits of organising a webinar at your place of work is that is highly convenient for the employees. This is so because we totally understand that it is for their good and that they need to attend it any cost. But, what often happens that the location of the seminar is such or the timing of the event is such that they are just not able to make it. This is why when it is online, they have access to it from anywhere. All that you need to do is share the link with them and they can view it online. This is great because they are able to look after their convenience as well as do not miss out on the content.
  2. Related to the topic only: Secondly, it has often been noted that seminars are long and the speakers go off topic. This is not really possible when it is webinar because it has to be within a time limit. Now, it is obvious that you cannot expect the viewers to invest all their times before their laptop and phone screens. In fact, since it is online, the viewers also have the options to just walk off or go offline. This is why the webinar is related to a specific topic and sticks to it. This is a big advantage because you get a chance to use your time so effectively.
  3. The number of views can be seen: Thirdly, another benefit of a webinar at the workplace is that the number of views can be monitored. This means that you can see how many people are viewing your live event. In fact, there is also provision that you can know the names of the people who are watching it. It helps you to maintain the attendance easily. Though there are chances that the employees may just leave their screens on and not really pay attention to it, you have to give them the benefit of doubt. The best way to counter this is to have a mock session at the office to note their retention and how they plan to implement what they had learnt.
  4. A webinar is highly cost effective: Last but definitely not the least, a webinar is highly cost effective. This is so because you do not need to make any arrangements of chairs and tables or the setup of any venue. You just need to get a speaker or it can be anyone from your office as well who has shown steady growth in the firm and helped the firm to grow as well. Circulation of the link is also simple because you can just broadcast it or you can send a bulk email to all those that you wish to invite.


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