Basic ways to Earn a little Money

Working capital
Working capital

Being a teenager with limited finances in your pockets and yet unlimited wants and needs constantly changing with time and trends, it becomes important to save.But why only save when you can also easily earn? Many a times, at this age earning seems like an impossible and unattainable choice that is likely just a waste of time. And yet, people all over the world make money like this. Through little and simple ways, using their talents and time to produce something worthwhile. Your productivity is challenged and this simple process of earning money also helps you explore and grow immensely. Here are a few ways to earn yourself some easy bucks:

Take up an internship: there are various internship opportunities online that often offer payment. Now you might not want to take up this path just for the cash,but also for catering to your interests and giving you exposure. It?s a wonderful and a highly educative process. It deserves to be given recognition and you have to give in all your time and effort and most importantly, creativity. Many a times there are various hidden talents we possess which can be utilized to their full potential, we just have to start looking.

Sell your notes: if you are a nerd or a generally academic student, I?m sure you have a set of your self-prepared notes just ready to be put out there. This might pay you the most minimal of amounts and yet might give you the chance to help and support many a struggling students out there. Those notes have your mind printed, your unusual discoveries and easy analysis to difficult problems. If you don?t mind sharing your brain with those that need some help, then this is a really good option for you.

?Sell your old clothes, CDs, books: piles and piles of unused and old clothes, long gone with its trends. Books you no longer wish to hold on to, sadly you out grew them. CDs and movies that tell you tales and yet seem more like an issue for they take up too much space. With everything being digitalised and easily available also more likely to be cheaper, physical and personal touch has lost quite its value. There are various clothes you have lying around, the length too short, the color too drought.

Open a small business: You?re talented and innovative. The wheels of creativity spin at the highest of speeds and lead you to conjuring financially and artistically active ideas. Many a people have set up their own stores where they sell hand made cards or their artwork, social media being a major key element here. Art accounts have over a 100,000 followers and get regular orders to customize a gift or card depending on the service. Those well versed with java and website building, can earn high amounts by being freelancers and helping budding businessmen out.

Small gigs lead to bigger goals: Take minor steps and let the ride only take you high. Babysitting and dog walking may have been your first jobs but they definitely won?t be your last. Start building up your CV and with any kind of past job experience, you stand tall in the eyes of the interviewer. Your future is built upon these foundations that you lay down. If you are a musician by career, take up minor gigs maybe with the least time slots but get the experience and the exposure. Sell your art in exhibitions and don?t be afraid to put yourself out there. Selling and earning is one way. The next one is to present your talent and work hard to earn. It?s difficult yet rewarding.


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