Ask For Info, Decrease Your Credit Score??


In an interesting article from the Huffington Post, an individual requested information from his mortgage servicer, Bank of America, about who actually owned his mortgage. He did this through a website called ?Where?s the Note??.

As a customer you actually have the right to know who owns your note. However, after initially declining to tell him who owned his note, a few weeks later he received notice of the investor who actually owned the note.

And some other bad news.

His credit score was dinged 40 points, dropping from an excellent 780 to 740 (still excellent but it is the principle of the thing!!)

All for requesting information???!!!

Speculation that he might be interested in mortgage modification? He wasn?t requesting info on modification, just info about who owned the mortgage.

Read the entire article here at Honey, I shrunk the credit score


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