A Moment of Gratitude Makes Difference In Your Attitude

There are many people around us who do a lot each day, and we forget to notice their hard-work. The lovely lady at our house who has given birth to us, taken care of us, and who puts in so many efforts to make our home comfortable. Does she not deserve a hug or occasional gifts? Why do we remember her only on Mothers’ Day? What about the hardworking intern in your office who works night and day completing the paperwork, organizing all your files, and doing all the other tasks you throw at him? Does he not deserve a “well done” or a bonus? A person with a strong character is the one, who is thankful and shows gratitude.

Rewards don’t always mean money or materialistic gifts. Sometimes all it takes is to show someone that you value his/her presence. Recognize someone each day. Make a difference to the talent in your organization or workplace. Thanking your employees for their loyalty towards the jobs encourages them to do even better. It promotes an atmosphere of appreciation and it makes the employees realize that their bosses appreciate their hard-work and diligence. Rewarding them occasionally demonstrates that the company concentrates on nurturing individuals, creating a caring environment for all. Pay those who bring you profit. Reward affiliates handsomely. Employees who believe they are fairly paid are more engaged, are less likely to quit, experience less stress at work, feel healthier physically and psychologically.

Apart from thanking others, remember to reward yourself for meeting goals. Buy yourself something nice. Be thankful for what you have accomplished. A positive attitude goes further in loss – and in life – than a negative attitude. It is important to pat yourself in the back occasionally, motivating yourself to move forward.  Instead of focusing on what you do wrong, try paying more attention to what you do right. While it is important to notice your mistakes, and working on them, you can’t miss out on what you’ve accomplished. Be honest with yourself. Remember to keep your focus on developing positive energy, not just figuring out how to get the reward.

Let us take a moment to thank everyone who helped us become who we are today, from the words they have said, to the things they’ve done for us. See the bright side in everyone. Sometimes a bad boss is not a person who doesn’t work or is lazy, a bad boss may be a person doesn’t acknowledge the hard-work of his team members. Sometimes when you don’t express your gratitude to someone, they’ll stop doing the things you don’t appreciate.


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
–William Arthur Ward

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