A Great Credit Card Customer


You may have heard someone say, ?I?m a great credit card customer. I pay off my balance every month?. Well, yes and no.

Yes, it is good for you as a consumer to pay off your debt every month. You never get behind, you never have a late payment, and you avoid being overextended on your credit card.

But as far as the credit card companies go, you?re not such a great customer. You?re not the type of customer that they like. And of course, the reason why is that they are not making any money from you because you are not paying interest because you are paying your card off every month.

From a pure financial standpoint, you?re doing the right thing. If your only concern is your own finances and wealth, keep on paying off your credit card and don?t change a thing.

But if you want or need to improve your credit score, you may want to consider leaving a balance on the card and making regular payments for a while. Don?t exceed 20% of your available balance and never, never, never be late on a payment and your credit score should go up.