5 Tips for a Vacation when you’re on a Budget



Vacationing is one of the popular downtime activities in the world and it is obvious why ? you get to leave behind all the stress of your work life and get away from the monotony of your house. Whether you?re visiting a new place or just going back somewhere you?ve already been, it?s always a fun way to spend a few relaxing days away from the usual, boring daily routine.

One thing that always makes us pull up short before planning a vacation is the cost that comes with it. If you have a fund set aside for that exact purpose you may have enough money to not worry about it. However, if you?re dipping into your savings for it, you might want to be careful about how you go about planning it. Here are some tips from us to help you save money on a vacation.

  1. Fix a budget for the trip before anything else. Set a budget for the trip before you plan anything else. Careful budgeting and allotting of funds will help you save money and enjoy a vacation fully. Map out exactly how much you can spend on travel fare, lodging and traveling before you jump into anything.
  2. Book your plane tickets way in advance. The earlier you book, the cheaper it will be for you. If you leave this for the last minute, you?re going to end up spending a lot more than you need to. Decide on your spot early and book your tickets at least five to six months in advance so you can get the best rates.
  3. Know the place where you?re going. There?s no such thing as knowing too much about a city or a country when you?re planning to take a trip there. Knowing about your destination?s culture, language, cuisine and currency will help you make the most of your journey and ensure you travel safely. Your research will enable you to make out a plan that will benefit you financially, and otherwise, when you get there.
  4. Take a trip during the off seasons. Sure Christmas vacations are fun, and a romantic getaway around Valentine?s Day is a great gesture but is it worth the excess expenditure? Going on a vacation during the off seasons will help you save a lot of money on hotel expenses.
  5. Embrace public transportation. Wherever you go, try to travel via public transportation when you can. Simply walking or using bicycles also works. Methods of transport like taxis take up a lot of money because they cater to only one person or group at a time. Try to avoid overspending, stick to buses and subways.


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