5 things to consider before buying anything important


Everyone likes to purchase. Some people do shopping for necessity and some do it for enjoyment. Whatever is the purpose of your shopping, you should ask yourself a few questions before finalizing any purchase. Before making any purchase keeps these factors and questions in mind.

Is this going to make my life easier?

This is one of the most important questions to ask you before making any purchase. If I think the purchase I am going to make is not going to be useful to me some time later, I quickly put it out of my mind. However, we all enjoy finding things that make life easy, isn?t it? So, if you feel that this new purchase is going to be the answer to a current dilemma of yours, you should probably buy it. This dilemma should be within reason of course.

Frequency of usage:

How often will I use this? This is the question you should ask yourself. Using an item just once or twice often means it could have been avoided and you could have done even without it in first place.


Can I afford this? This is a very important question. You should keep the affordability factor in your mind. This becomes more pivotal when you are on a tight budget or otherwise trying to save. Putting something on a credit card does not count when you ask yourself this question. If you are unable to afford to pay for the item without emptying your bank account, is it really that worth it? Is it that much important? Can you get a little longer until you can afford to buy it? If you feel yes, than avoid it till you are able to afford it (and then again ask this question to yourself). Putting yourself in debt over an item is not at all a good deal.


What will be the purpose of the item I am going to buy? If you are going to purchase an item so that you can hang it on wall to collect dust for next several years, just drop the idea of purchasing it. Never buy anything just because of its looks and do check its functionalities. You need to think about what purpose a particular item will serve before committing to the final purchase. This will prevent your further loss and no further useless item will be piled up in your house.

Already having similar item:

There is a latest smartphone launched in the market. It has some cool latest two or three feature. Although you are satisfied with your current smartphone which you have bought just a couple of months ago after saving a lot, you still want to go for this latest model. Why? Just because it has some two three features which won?t even matter to you in long run? I don?t think so; at least not if my current model is still doing it?s its job. Think yourself. When you have something that worked well, do you really need to purchase something similar again?


Although it?s not easy to resist yourself from purchasing something tempting and attractive, for which you were saving for a long time. But you need to ask these questions to yourself before making any purchase. These questions will not only save your hard earned money but will prevent you to have similar items at your home.


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