5 Breakthrough Technological Advancements of 2017

Solar panel

Solar panel

Technological advancement is on a faster pace than ever before. Technology in every field where human are involved is used extensively to increase productivity and efficiencies of the operations involved. Internet breakthroughs like internet of things, artificial intelligence have made management of physical devices more sustainable and productive than ever before. Every year comes with various new technologies some of which go on to become life changing for humans. Here are 5 significant technological advancements of 2017

  1. Self- Driving trucks

With countries like Sweden adopting this technology for logistics and transportation and other developed world countries are about to follow it in the near future. Automation of vehicles could be bad as per some analysts as it would cost millions of jobs for truck drivers making them unemployed.

  1. Synthetic food

With the world population growing at an alarming rate it has become a challenging task to feed every person on the planet. Food production is not efficient in every location on earth. Synthetic food can provide the way forward for tackling this challenge. Companies like Impossible foods and Beyond meats are working in this regard. Laboratory grown meats and eggs have been successful in the test run and can change the entire food habits of the coming generations once full scale production starts.

  1. Hot solar cells

A team of MIT scientists have built a very different type of solar device that could absorb much more energy than its photovoltaic cell alone. It is proved to be more efficient and a very significant invention in the field of sustainable energy generation using renewable sources. Solar energy is high in demand due to growing climate change concerns and more and more countries are now investing in solar energy to meet their ever growing energy demand. Such inventions could prove to be a boon for them.

  1. Internet of things

Internet of things can make use of energy consuming devices more sustainable. It connects physical devices through internet for transfer of data and information so as to control their working through internet for efficient performance. It has applications in other scientific areas for research and development.

  1. The 360-degree selfie

An ecological researcher at Harvard known as Hufkens, put together a system to continuously present pictures from a certain forest in Massachusetts to a website he called VirtualForest.io. In fact in created such a program, that created images which could be moved sidewards-forwards-backwards to see the entire 360 degree view of a certain place. All the viewers had to do was to move their fingers or cursors on the image to get a proper look. This is another innovation that can change the way we have been using cameras until now and make it a lot more fun.


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