5 Bad Habits that Come with a Price


bad habits

Having bad habits doesn?t make anyone a bad person, but that doesn?t mean they don?t have a myriad of long-term and short-term effects that can burn a hole in the wallet. Simple vices that we?re so used to having in our daily lives might not seem like they?re costing you too much, but the price of these vices might be greater than you can anticipate. Cutting back on these bad habits can actually save you at least thousands of dollars every year. In isolation these habits might not seem so expensive, but when you put the costs together the price is very high.

  • Drinking regularly.

If you drink on a regular basis you?re spending a lot of money on alcohol. Bars, pubs and night clubs ? all popular haunts for getting alcoholic drinks ? make you spend a lot of money in a matter of one night. Activities like binge-drinking are not only extremely expensive but they also have long standing ill effects on your health that will only come back to cost you more money later in your life. Cutting down on drinking can be extremely beneficial for you as it will help you save money now and reduce health and medication-related expenses later.

  • Chain smoking.

Smoking costs and chain smoking costs a lot. A pack of cigarettes is usually an expensive purchase. So burning through multiple packs of cigarettes in a matter of days is an extremely expensive affair. You burn through a lot of money very fast and what?s worse is that it is guaranteed to damage your health one way or another. Smoking has been directly linked to various respiratory diseases including asthma and lung cancer. There?s a very good chance that chain smoking will weigh heavily on your finances when you?re older as it leads to long term health issues.

  • Fast food and junk food.

Opting for take-outs on all the weekdays when you?re too tired to cook after you come home from work might seem like a good solution to a persisting problem at the time but the money you?re working so hard to earn is being unnecessarily depleted by this bad habit. Fast food and junk food like chips, soda etc. might seem cheap on the surface but these usually end up costing more than if you ate healthy, home-made food. These foods are not always made of healthy material so that might lead to ill health more often than not, which means missed work days and less income. Apart from that, these foods are rich in unhealthy and fattening components like cholesterol which cause various heart diseases and obesity. Consuming too much fast food and junk food is a sure-fire to rack up the hospital and health care bills in the not-too-distant future.

  • Caffeine addiction.

Buying coffee from popular places like Starbucks not only costs you money. It also costs you time that you could have used to be more productive at work. Drinking coffee can be rejuvenating but for many it becomes akin to an addiction where it?s impossible to function without drinking large amounts of it on a daily basis. This unhealthy reliance fosters a bad habit that can cost you way too much money every day. A healthy alternative would be to buy your own ground coffee and carrying it around in a thermos to your place of work. But it?s a good idea to cut down on your caffeine intake to save up some cash.

  • Leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Living a life that?s devoid of healthy activities like exercise and eating good food is a recipe for overspending. Binge watching TV shows, lounging around on the couch for hours on end, eating junk food might seem like a lot of fun but it?s bad for a number of reasons. It helps lethargy set in and that can lead to obesity and various obesity-induced diseases. Human beings aren?t designed to live sedentary, motionless lives. To keep our bodies and minds in perfect order, we need to provide them with proper stimulation.


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