5 Awesome Ways to Save Money on Your Car

money on car

tumblr_inline_nri6q6bQNl1qzytt8_540With numerous banks offering car loans, purchasing a car might be easy but its maintenance can literally cost you a fortune. Reckless spending and lack of management can leave a big hole in your pocket. But intelligently spending on your car can help you keep it in an optimum condition in an affordable manner. Cleaning, serving, denting, rubbing, painting etc. together can cost you thousands of dollars every year.

Therefore, it is important to device ways that save you money keeping your car in a perfect condition. Some tricks to save money on your car are:

  1. Servicing

Little knowledge about the technicalities and internal parts of the car can help you service it yourself. Servicing your car is not a rocket science and can be done with little technical knowledge. Checking wiring to replacing engine oil, you can efficiently service your car. Divide the entire process into smaller tasks and complete them effectively.

  1. Cleaning

You can save a lot of money if you clean your car yourself. Get an electric pressure washer to do it in a professional manner. It cleans the most resilient stains helping your car retain the brand new look. This one-time investment can save you thousands of dollars over the time.

  1. Car Pooling

It has become a global phenomenon for people travelling to work. Not only do you save considerable amount of money each year, you contribute to the environment in an effective way motivating others to do the same.

Environmental cleanliness, strong friendships and hundreds of dollars each month are some of the side-effects of car-pooling.

  1. Rent it out

You can rent your car in case you use public transport to work or enjoying a break from office. It will help you earn money and keep your car in the perfect condition. It will give you a fairly well idea about the car renting scenario in the USA.

  1. Pump your own gas

Pumping gas into your car yourself saves you 10% on the fuel cost. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Don?t be too lazy to get out of the car and pump fuel into your car.10% cost can be directly saved by not acting out of laziness.

Your car consumes a significant amount of your hard-earned money because you are unaware of the tips and tricks to reduce that amount. All of the above ways have benefitted me over the years reducing my overall car costs significantly. There are more ways by which you can save money on your car. But to start with, these are easy and effective techniques to help you save a pot of gold over the years.

Be it cleaning, servicing or painting, everything can be done by you at minimal costs. The money you save over the years on your car entirely depends on your knowledge and will.


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