Spending Your First Paycheck ? To Party or Not to Party – 4 Fulfilling Ways to Spend Your First Paycheck

spend first paycheck

spend first paycheck

When it comes to spending your first paycheck, partying is the most clich?d (and unproductive) idea ever. Honestly, you won?t even remember what you did the next morning. You can alternatively try spending on something more memorable and long lasting. Here are some wiser and smarter alternatives to a spending your first paycheck.

Treat Yourself
Since you earned this money honestly – kudos to you! ? You have every right to spend it anyway you wish.? This is the best chance to purchase something that you always longed for but couldn?t afford. It could be a phone, a book, a dress, etc. You can even literally follow the tip and go eat from that fancy restaurant that was always beyond your budget. Try not to get too excited and forget the line between needs and wants ? which is a very thin one.

Save it!
Though this doesn?t exactly count as ?spending?, professional auditors advise the public to save 20% of their monthly income. This is possible through many ways. A general savings account is the most preferable choice. If you get nightmares about dying alone out of depression and poverty, a retirement fund will put you at ease. This is actually safe, considering the unpredictable nature of a country?s economy. The U.S. Government website spending as well.

Go on a Holiday
You may have noticed that people, including yourself, work harder and stress themselves too much in their first few weeks to impress their employers. This hard work definitely deserves a relaxing break. Calm down! You won?t be able to go on a world tour just yet, but you will be able to afford something like a weekend break in a beach resort. ?Note that you can also continue to work harder for a few more months and opt for something bigger and better. The prospect of visiting the Rio Olympics next year sounds more attractive than spending a weekend in a local B&B.

Do Something Good
?Something Good? does not refer to hosting a charity ball or going on Mission: Mother Teresa.? But something simple that will make a significant change in someone?s life. This could be anything from donating a swing set to an orphanage to buying school supplies for an unfortunate kid. Or you can start with something smaller such as donating blood, planting a tree or even helping global organizations who fight for animal rights. For instance, IFAW collects funds to support endangered species across the world. Through your contributions, you will literally be able to save a life. This can be your first attempt at making the world a better place.

If you are only getting a base pay and can?t afford to do much, do not be disheartened since the night is still young. Remember that one of the richest women in the world, J.K. Rowling, started her career as a low-paid English teacher.


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