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Protect Your Financial Identity

Identity theft is a growing problem. You should consider taking a few steps in order to protect your identity when you shop online or even in person. I personally have had some things happen in the past happen to me where little pieces of my personal information were stolen, and yet a world of damage was done. Even the smallest amount of information can be a gold mine to someone who knows what they are doing with it. Thankfully, none of the damage that was created by this horrible stranger was long lasting, but it still was a pain to deal with. ...
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Should You Lend Money To Family or Friends?

Lending money to family and/or friends can be a sticky subject. Just the other day, we had an acquaintance who we hadn’t talked to in a few years ask us if they could borrow $100. The $100 wouldn’t have broke our budget, but we knew 100% that our answer was a no. How did we know that? Well, continue reading and I will help you determine whether lending money to a friend or family member is something you should think about doing. Does the person actually need the money? We knew we couldn’t give the person money because even though ...
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The Potential Pitfalls Of Self Credit Repair

If you have some inaccurate credit and you need credit repair you do not need to hire a professional. You can do it yourself for free and the credit bureaus even provide forms on their websites the help you expedite the process. You absolutely have the right to repair your credit yourself. It may seem like a simple and inexpensive solution to just do it yourself. After all, how hard can it be? You just get a copy of your credit report, identify the inaccuracies, fill out the paperwork, submit it and wait for the listings to be deleted. Anyone can ...
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Cash or credit card?

Life Without Credit Cards

Is it possible to go through life without ever having any credit cards? Some people use credit cards everytime they make a purchase. Others may only use their credit cards for big ticket items. And some people never use a credit card. In fact some people do not even have a credit card in their name. A recent poll by showed that some 29 percent of 1,004 respondents ages 18 years old or older said they did not own a credit card. So why are people saying no to credit cards? People are saying no to credit cards as a way to protect themselves ...
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Considerations Before You Refinance

Theoretically it is a great time to refinance your home mortgage if you have a high mortgage interest rate. Theoretically, got that? Back in the day there was a prevailing myth that real estate prices always go up. Even Will Rogers said, “Buy Land, They ain’t making any more of the stuff”. And that is true, they ain’t making any more of the stuff (land, that is…still building a few houses, at least in my area) but unfortunately for many people they have learned the hard lesson that real estate prices don’t always go up and when ...
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The Formula for Maximizing Revenue

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4 Tips To Lower Your Food Budget

Food spending is a major budget killer for many families. Some families somehow manage to spend over $1,000 each month and if this is you then you must read this blog post today. Here are my 4 tips to lower your food budget: 1. Visit restaurants less. One of our bad spending habits was spending way too much money at restaurants. I know many of other people have this problem as well, but that is no excuse. If you want to save money on food, then you should try to eat at home more often. I don’t care what you say, eating at home is cheaper unless ...
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Credit Card For Bad Credit

If there has been any lesson that has been almost universally learned in the past few years it is that very few people are immune to financial problems. Even people who had always had stellar credit in the past have seen their credit scores plummet due to unforeseen circumstances such as job losses or the loss of value on homes, stocks and retirement accounts a few years ago or even now. Even so, life goes on and emergencies and life essentials come up. Do you have no credit or poor credit? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a credit card on hand ...
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