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6 Reasons You Should Look Into Getting Your First Credit Card

There are many positives and benefits to having a credit card, and credit cards are what I use to make almost all of my transactions. I hardly ever use cash because I just do not see the benefits of using it. Instead for me, credit cards have so many benefits so I see no reason not to use them. Yes, there are reasons to stick to cash too though, but we will not be discussing those today. Below are six reasons for why you should look into getting your first credit card: 1. You can work on improving your credit score with a credit card. One reason ...
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Expand Your Job Opportunities By Repairing Your Credit

Very few people are aware of how important a high credit score can be when it comes to getting a job. For certain jobs out there, your credit score can get you a job, or it can possibly prevent you from getting a job as well. Employers may look at credit reports because they feel it is a fair assessment of a potential employees sense of responsibility, judgment and work performance. They may feel that the way an employee handles their credit is a fair representation of the type of employee that they will be. However, there are some consumer advocates ...
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What To Think About Before You Buy A Home

Before you buy your next home, there are several areas that you may want to think about and discuss with whoever you may be buying a house with, unless you are buying the home solo (go you!). Doing this can make the whole, long, and sometimes stressful home buying process go much easier. It’s better to have less surprises pop up because I bet you something will pop up! Here are some things you may want to think about before you begin your next home buying process: What’s your credit score like? Your credit score is very important when it comes ...
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What If Credit Cards Aren’t For You?

On this blog, we talk about credit cards a decent amount. However, what if credit cards are not for you? There is no wrong or right way to handle your money. Some people are great with credit cards yet horrible with cash. Others are great with cash but will go into debt if they touch a credit card. If credit cards are not for you, then you definitely need to look into another way to pay for your expenses. If you do not, then you may rack up unnecessary debt, ruin your credit score, prevent yourself from getting a job because of a low credit score, ...
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Demystifying Four Credit Myths

There are many myths when it comes to your credit score and credit report. These myths will probably always float around in space somewhere, but if you are reading today’s post and read my blog, then hopefully we can demystify these credit score and credit report myths and make everyone just a little bit smarter today. Below are four common credit score and credit report myths that you may have heard of and even fallen for: 1. Does your job affect your credit? Your job and your income have absolutely no effect on your credit score. In fact, ...
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4 Signs Credit Cards Aren’t For You

Credit cards are not for everyone. That is not a surprise. Credit cards can lead to debt, high interest fees, wasted money, loads of stress, and more. So, if credit cards are not for you, then you may want to look into ditching and cutting up your credit cards in order to switch to a cash and/or debit care lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with ditching credit cards. There is no shame in it either, so it’s always best to be honest with yourself and do what is best for you. 1. You treat it as free money. If you treat your credit cards as though ...
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