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Children Can Become Victims Of Identity Theft Too

When I was younger, I had my identity stolen. I’m not sure what happened because I’ve always had my same social security card and I didn’t have much else because I wasn’t even a teenager when my information was first stolen. A child’s information could be used to apply for a credit card, a loan, a mortgage (yes, that has happened before!), and so on. Below are different things to think about when it comes to children and identity theft. How can identity thieves find a child’s information? There are many ways for ...
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You May Need To Repair Your Credit Eventually

Scenarios like this one play out in the United States everyday. You are ready to buy a car. You are planning to finance it so you allow the dealer to run your credit report. He comes back and tells you that he cannot give you the loan because your credit report states that you are deceased. People who are confident that they have good credit often scoff at the idea of credit repair. However, situations like that happen all of time. Errors on credit reports are extremely common and that is no surprise at all considering the massive amounts of information ...
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Employment And Credit Checks

If you are applying for a job and the employer requests a credit check, they can’t do it without your permission, however, if you don’t give your permission that could be the deal breaker right there. And, if you have been out of a job for a long amount of time and consequently your finances have suffered and your credit report shows negative information that could also be the deal breaker. At this point in most states across the United States there is no real way out of this “Catch-22” dilemma. The good news is that there are a few lawmakers ...
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Marriage And Your Credit Score

Getting married is a big decision. There are so many different things to think about before you get married: Will you have a big wedding? Or, will you get married at a court house? Do you know all financial-related information about your significant other? This can include how much debt they have, their credit score, and so on. Will you have children together? Where will you live? What are your views on retirement? And the list literally goes on forever! One thing that you may not have thought about is how marriage might affect your credit score. ...
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Mistakes That May Be On Your Credit Report

I check my credit report regularly, and I hope you do too. I haven’t found a mistake on my credit report in years, but when I first started checking it (back when I was just a teenager), I found a very significant mistake on my credit report that I knew needed to be fixed immediately. Below are different mistakes that may be on your credit report: 1. Errors. The most common mistake people usually find on their credit report is usually an easy error. This is usually just information that is reported to the credit bureaus incorrectly. This could ...
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How Your Credit Score Affects Your Housing Search

So, you’re interested in buying a home? Besides having your financial documents and a down payment ready, you will need to make sure that your credit score is ready. Most people buy their homes with a mortgage. There aren’t many people who buy their homes with cash because that can be a difficult task for most people to accomplish. Coming up with a large some of cash such as for a house can feel near impossible for some. And that is where getting a mortgage comes in. A mortgage can help people reach their dreams. In order to get approved ...
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Fundamental Recommendations For Credit Repair

A high credit score is crucial for your financial life. In order to get any type of credit you need to have a good credit score. A good credit score will affect the interest rate that you get as well as whether you can even get the credit at all. Credit repair may be challenging but it can be accomplished. Many people have overcome difficulties in the past and it is necessary for many to repair their credit. If you have inaccurate or erroneous credit on your report you can issue disputes to get it removed. You can do this yourself or you can get ...
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Myths And Truths About Credit Repair

In 1970 the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the FCRA was enacted. This law gives consumers the right to dispute any item showing on their credit report that may be inaccurate, incomplete, untimely, misleading, unverifiable, biased, ambiguous or unclear. This includes foreclosures, charge-offs and bankruptcies. The fact is that inaccurate credit such as false identities; inaccurate balances, untimely listing, overly ambiguous listings and more are very common on credit reports. It is estimated that as many as 75% of all credit reports contain mistakes. ...
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