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Using a Loan to Refinance Your Debt

Even people with the best credit score and a good income may at some point carry outstanding debt, either in the way of credit card debt, car loans, or even loans to renovate their home. If you find yourself in a situation where you have several different debts at once and you are tired of managing multiple payments with varying interest rates then consider applying for a loan to refinance your debt into one loan. This works especially well for people that have a steady income and a decent credit score. By refinancing your existing debt you will ...
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Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid

Some think credit cards are a necessity and they abuse them. In fact quite often they use them to support their lifestyle on a daily basis. Others use their credit cards wisely and are very careful when it comes to charging their purchases. Which category do you fall into? To figure out the answer to that question, see how many of these credit card mistakes to avoid you answered yes to. Forgetting to pay your credit card payments on time. Only paying the minimum monthly payments. Using your credit cards to pay your rent and utility bills because ...
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Things to Consider When Looking for a New Credit Card

When it comes to choosing a credit card these days, the choices are endless and new options pop up all the time. Financial institutions want your business and they will offer quite an array of incentives to get it. From a consumer perspective that can be both good and bad. Of course you want to carry a credit card that offers you a lot of additional benefits aside from the obvious one of being able to charge your purchases. But comparing all of those benefits can quickly become overwhelming when looking for a new credit card. Here are the most important ...
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Are Secured Credit Cards Risky?

If you have a very poor credit score a secured credit card can help you increase it. You can apply for a secured credit card at your local financial institution or online. And the way it works is that you deposit a sum of money and the limit on your secured credit card is equal to the amount you deposited. For example, if you deposit $1,000 your limit on that card will be $1,000. You would use your secured credit card the same way you would use any other credit card. You can use it when you go shopping, book a hotel, rent a car, and so on. And a ...
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Favorite Vacation Spot and 3 Chances to Win Giveaway

We are pleased to offer another giveaway here on 724Credit – just becuase it’s fun! Along with 29 other bloggers we’re giving away a whopping $900!  There are three chances to win! A first prize of $500, a second prize of $300, and a third prize of $100 will go out to the lucky winners. Details below… The theme for this giveaway is… The most exciting vacation you have ever taken… Windsor, England Windsor is a popular tourist town in England that I simply love. I’ve been fortunate to travel there on 3 separate ...
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