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Incentive For Paying Your Credit Card?

Credit card companies have begun to use an unusual tactic with their formerly best customers. Credit card borrowers who charges high amounts and then only paid the minimum payment every month used to be the favored customers because they always brought in that interest profits. But recently those same borrowers are actually being offered cash incentives to pay down their debts. There have also been similar incentives such as interest rate reductions. The credit card companies began the experiment of offering incentives last year when the delinquencies ...
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Homeownership Myths For 2010

Times have changed on the homeowner’s front. The myths of homeownership that were probably always around to at least an extent are now something you should really take into consideration. Myth #1-A home will always appreciate. “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff” Will RogersCan’t argue with Will’s logic there but as we all know by now the price of homes will not continuously go up. And sometimes the prices come down, dramatically, as we have seen in recent times. Your home may or may not be a good investment but the fact ...
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