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Credit Scores For Free

For a long time now, consumers have been able to get a free copy of their own credit report one time each year from each of the three main credit reporting agencies, TransUnion, Experion and Equifax. And that has led some consumers to mistakenly believe that they are also entitled to a free credit score. But that is not true. Necessarily. But now there are some changes. A new rule that just went into effect in January requires lenders to inform consumers if a poor credit score resulted in less favorable terms for the loan, such as a higher interest ...
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How Does Mortgage Delinquency Affect Your Credit Score?

Many people, many more than usual and many more than in past years, have recently experienced the trauma of not being able to make the house payment, not being able to catch up after delinquencies and the horror of foreclosure, not to mention the people who never really missed a payment but were completely unable to sell the home for as much as they owed when they needed to move, thereby resulting in a “short sale” on their credit report. And all of these problems affect your credit scores and your credit reports. The question is how much? And ...
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One Page Mortgage Disclosure

If you have ever purchased a home with a mortgage, you will remember the stacks upon stacks of papers you needed to sign, bothe during the loan application and the closing, all the while supposedly knowing everything each paper said, even while there was not time to read them. Well now, Elizabeth Warren, the woman tapped by the President to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has stated that one of the first orders of business for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the create a one-page disclosure form for all home buyers. ...
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Divorce, Credit and Identity Theft

Many problems with credit can be caused by going through a divorce. Many times, regardless of what the court order may say, the lenders just want their money and so they will harass you for payment and report bad credit on your report even if your ex-spouse is supposed to be the one responsible. Divorce is frequently a cause of bad credit. But what if you are still married? In this article, someone wrote in asking about identity theft by a spouse and what they can do. The person answering the question gave three scenarios with the last one ...
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Document Your Receipts

It’s the last week to file your taxes if you are going to make the April 18 deadline for the year 2011. And while many who were expecting a huge refund may have completed this onerous task clear back in January or early February, those of us who know that they will end up paying typically put it off till around the last minute. That turned out to be last Friday for me. “Document your receipts” was the advice I received from my tax man. Being self-employed I need to and can take deductions for everything from my home office to paying ...
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Check Your Credit Report

Today is April 4, leaving just 11 days until tax day 2011. And while your financial mind may be on other things at this point, tax day can serve as another reminder that if you haven’t checked your credit report lately, you need to do it. If you haven’t checked your credit report yet for the year 2011, you have another reminder, another chance to do it now. You can do it later but you will be better off if you do it now. You need to do it. At least one time per year, more often if you have bad credit or if you are consciously trying ...
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