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How Consumer Credit Counseling Services Can Help You

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS), now called Apprisen Financial Advocates, is a nonprofit group that offers to help people solve their individual credit problems. Neighborhood branches of CCCS exist in most areas of the United States. You can contact CCCS in person, over the phone or on the Internet ( Your initial consultation is free, but they do charge a fee for their continuing services. Consumer Credit Counseling Services highlights the instruction they can provide you and the superiority of their services. CCCS counselors ...
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Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a Federal law that was enacted back in the 1970’s to guard consumers. Up to 79% of all credit reports include mistaken, misleading or erroneous credit. As a consumer you can protect yourself against this bad credit and take steps to repair your credit. It is not automatically a puzzling thing to repair your credit, it can however, take some time to conclude the repairs. But, you need to take the time because of the advantages of having a advanced credit score and having a excellent credit report. You can repair ...
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The Credit Background Check

People these days come from families with paying jobs. Oftentimes, these families must delay purchasing some products because of financial scarcity. This is when the numerous financial institutions similar to banks provided the credit cards for those that consider they may need this. But, once applying for a credit card for these urgent situation needs, the credit background verification will be necessary from you by the financial organization that you have approached for this purpose. You need to test your own or someone elses background, then ...
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Your In Debt – Financial Help Website Has Financial Help Tips To Help You Get Out Of Debt

Financially, are you able to recognize and understand the financial dangers around you? Some of those signs may look like constantly being a paycheck away from poor, having zero consistent monthly savings plan, or carrying a serious amount of debt. The main reason most people accrue debt is because they simply have more month than paycheck. When monthly spending stack up, and with “charging it” being so convenient. It’s hard to resist the urge to have the “buy-now, pay-later” attitude. Most of the time the debt is under ...
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Please! Avoid These 5 Common Repair Credit Scams!

The Internet, Radio and TV, newspapers and magazines are running advertisements these days for credit repair services and many are scams. These scams often promise to magically erase your bad credit overnight. In reality, many of these so-called ‘experts’ will either overcharge you, involve you in illegal activity, or actually put you in a worse financial situation. Here are 5 of the most common scams. If you are in a serious credit crisis right now, get a friend or relative to help you find a legitimate service because you are likely ...
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How To Survive Your Credit Meltdown!

Unexpected problems can happen to the best of us – bankruptcy, divorce, legal judgments, unemployment, illness, etc. Any of these are very personal and can affect your FICO credit score in a big way. If you have faced a financial meltdown, you need to take action fast and work diligently if you want to fix your credit and rebuild your FICO score. 1. Getting Good Credit To Fix Your Bad Credit. This may seem contradictory but if you have bad credit, you need to establish better credit by taking out credit quickly and repaying it quickly. If ...
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How To Spot Free Credit Report Scams!

Go on-line and search for “free credit report” and you find find tons of sites and advertisements promising free access to your credit report and FICO credit score. It’s overwhelming unless you know how to sort out the really free reports from the sales pitches. Start here… By federal law, you likely qualify for one free credit report per year through the approved government provider and there are many on-line companies that offer free credit reports. These offers seem very attractive at first glance because you get an on-line ...
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Credit Fix: Fix Your Credit Report – Fix Your Score!

If you could improve your credit score would you? Of course you would… Well the first thing you will need is all three of your credit reports. Yes, all three! You are going to have to get your reports from all three major credit bureaus. They are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Forget about the free versions. What you will want to do is pay for them and also get your FICO credit score all at the same time. Ok this is why… Your credit report contains all your financial history on which your credit score is based including errors ...
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