10 Tips to Be More Productive at Work


We all have those days when we just can?t seem to be able to get any work done without boosting up on caffeine and sugar. But sometimes, these days stretch to weeks and maybe even months. When the slump starts to affect your productivity at your work place it?s time to get serious. You don?t want to end up with a poor reputation in your office that could ultimately affect your position or even get you fired.

Low productivity can be very harmful for more than just your job. It makes you feel overburdened with not being able to do the work you?re due and adds to your stress which, in turn, can have serious implications on your physical and mental health. The anxiety can lead to serious mental disorders and sleep deprivation.

Here are some simple tips to help boost your productivity at work without having to resort to extreme measures.

  1. Learn to prioritize your work.

Set some time aside at the beginning of each week to organize your workload, figure out what needs your attention immediately and what can wait. Starting too many tasks at once will only make you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Prepare a schedule and try your best to stick to it.

Making a timetable for your daily work can really help boost your productivity. Carefully prepare a schedule and assign a reasonable amount of time to all the tasks that need your attention. Make sure to work in some time away from your desk so you don?t feel swamped.

  1. Personalize your workspace.

Spruce up your workspace with personal items so it doesn?t feel drab and dull. Flowers are always a good addition as they can brighten up the place and make you feel comfortable where you work.

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences on your mental health. It?s very important to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day to be able to do your best at work.

  1. Take frequent but short breaks during your work hours.

This will give your brain some much needed respite from the constant work and allow your faculties to regroup while you enjoy a little time away from your desk.

  1. Eat healthy, stay focused.

Eating too much junk food can do serious harm to your body. If you fall sick often, you will have to take many days off and have your work pile up till it overwhelms you. Make sure you eat a lot of nutritious food that gives your body all the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for you to be a productive professional.

  1. Get some exercise.

Staying healthy is important for being productive. Exercising your body makes your body ready to tackle whatever obstacle comes its way. It also helps to improve your immunity, making sure you stay fit and in shape. Activities like running, swimming or walking daily can increase your productivity exponentially.

  1. Don?t take on too much work at once.

If you bite off more than you can chew you will end up frazzled and unable to produce good results at work. This will affect your appraisals and promotion. It?s essential to take on just the right amount of work so that you can satisfy your superiors and yourself.

  1. Enjoy your weekends.

All work and no play has never led to a good outcome. Spend time with your friends, catch a good movie, spend a day at a spa or just sit back and relax with a book. Make sure to enjoy the two days away from work so you can come back on Monday and start afresh.

  1. Cut back on caffeine consumption.

Drinking copious amounts of coffee, coke or red bull might seem like a good idea at first but these things affect your body in a very bad way. Try alternatives like tea or sports drink to energize yourself and you will feel the difference.


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