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Tips to Secure the Lowest Possible Home Loan Rate

There’s likely no greater financial commitment you will make then signing a mortgage for your home.  With soaring home prices, many home loans are typically for $200,000 or more.  Your monthly mortgage payment is likely to be your biggest expense each month. Why pay more than you have to? With some research beforehand as well as some negotiating during the home loan process, you can secure the lowest interest rate possible.  The difference between even a 5% versus a 4% interest rate can make the difference between tens of thousands of dollars ...
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The Crazy Credit Catch-22

Remember Catch-22 and that “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” mentality? Well that is exactly how credit works these days. If you are responsible, pay off all your debts on time and live a relatively debt-free, all cash life, you can be penalized by mortgage companies when you want to purchase a home. or penalized by credit card companies if you want to get a credit card. This happens even if you are financially responsible and living completely within your means. Side note: If you are looking to increase your credit score, you can ...
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7 Tips To Avoid Identity Theft

If your identity is stolen it can wreak havoc on your credit report, your credit score and your financial life. Take a few precautions to avoid identity theft. Make sure that you practice safe banking, safe computing, and safe business practices. 1) Keep all of your account numbers and PIN numbers safe. Cover your account and PIN numbers when using debit at the store or especially at an ATM and refuse to give your PIN number to anyone. Avoid writing down your PIN and account numbers – you never know when this information could fall into the wrong ...
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Citibank’s UK Offerings

There are many banks out there for you to choose. If you are looking for one with several options, many of which may suit you and your financial lifestyle, then Citibank may be for you. Citi has many different banking options for you, such as Citigold, International, Savings Accounts, and Wealth Management. Below we will be discussing the different services that Citi offers. Citigold. Citihold is a personal banking service. There are several benefits, such as transaction free  services on certain international funds transfers. You can do up to ...
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What You Need When Buying A Home

Buying a new home can be a lot of fun. You are searching for your dream home, and you are probably seeing a lot of awesome homes. However, then comes the part where you have to deal with all of the paperwork. To make the paperwork process easier, there are some things you should think about. A credit score. A credit score can help determine what your interest rate will be when you are buying a home. A higher and better credit score will most likely get you the lowest interest rates, and a low or bad credit score will most likely earn you a high ...
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