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Black Friday VS Cyber Monday – Battle of the Discounts

As the battle for early Christmas sales begins on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and with the popularity growing in the UK for these ‘American Imports’, an online voucher code website looked to see where and why it all started. They also looked to see which the biggest day last year was for sales in the US and the UK, and how retailers are planning this year’s events to make the most of these key shopping days. Investigating further www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk explored where both Black Friday and Cyber Monday days originated, they also looked ...
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Low-Effort Financial Decisions that Save Hundreds

We’d all like to get a better hold of our money but, then again, we also love spending it. We have the basics of personal finance down (for the most part) but when it comes to the big items like retirement, investments, and funds, our brains go into static. This post isn’t about those big items – it’s about the low-effort decisions that save money because, let’s face it… these are ones you’ll actually do (and can do today). Renegotiate on Student Loans Many of us have student loans, so it’s worth a shot to call your student loan ...
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lay off

Financially Prepare Yourself for a Job Loss

Many individuals lost their jobs and livelihoods during the 2008 financial crisis.  As a result, hopes and dreams were dashed.  The world was on the brink of a financial disaster!  People with jobs attempted to hold onto what they had while others scrambled to become employed.  I remember the time when I lost my job.  My entire department had been let go due to lack of sales.  Despite losing my job, it was not the end of the world.  I ended up getting better opportunities and being better prepared in case this happens again.  You too can ...
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financial solutions for bad credit

Essential Financial Solutions for Bad Credit

Even though bad credit may seem stressful and costly, it is not eternal. However hopeless your financial situation may seem, there is always a way out. Most people underestimate the importance of clearing bad credit. Though it may seem unimportant at the moment, you will be tied up in knots when it comes to future investments. For example, if you have a large number of student loans pending, no bank will be confident to give you a business loan. So it is important to clear the credit history as quickly as possible. Paying off all the debts at ...
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night out

Treat Yourself to a Night out While Staying Within Your Budget

Saving money can be a difficult proposition for most people, but the fact remains that putting your earnings into some sort of savings account is good. Maintaining good financial health pays off in the long run, especially when you are looking to make large purchases, like a new house or new car. That said, everyone deserves to have some fun every now and then, and as long as your plan it out in advance, there are plenty of ways you can get out of the house while not spending a lot of money. A great way to get out of the house for a night out is ...
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Are You Saving and Investing Enough?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years – especially since the financial crisis of 2007 – about how working age people are not saving or investing enough to take care of themselves in their retirement. Whether retirement is a very long way off for you or is sneaking up faster than you would like, addressing your saving and investment habits and behaviors can make the whole thing a lot less stressful. Here is some advice to help you become a better saver and investor: Getting Into the Habit of Saving It can be frightening to think about ...
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budget a wedding right

How to Budget a Wedding the Right Way

  There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend lavishly for your wedding since you only get married –hopefully – once. But as with any occasion, overspending can turn into a mess. After all what is the point of spending extravagantly for one day while the rest of your time together is spent paying off wedding loans? In order to avoid this crisis, you must budget your wedding wisely. As you may know, all weddings consist of key features which have more prominence over others. If you manage to budget these features effectively, the rest will ...
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Top 4 Lift Trucks for Your Construction Business

When you are in the construction game, you are going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting. Unless you want to look like the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, employing a few thousand people to lift all of that material for you, you are going to want to look into getting a lift truck or a fleet of them to help you out in your endeavors. Choosing a proper lift truck depends on what you will be lifting. For example, you won’t need to bother getting a high powered truck if all you are going to be lifting is bags of cement. Choose the trucks that suit the ...
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