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What Happens If You Have To Break Your Rental Lease?

Moving into a new place can be a great thing and a fun experience. You sign a lease thinking that you will stay there for that length of time, or possibly even longer. Not many people think that they will have to break a lease, so you might not know much about it. I don’t think many people want to break a lease unless there’s nothing else that can be done. There are many different reasons for why you might need to break a lease: You don’t like your neighbors or your landlord. There can be many bad circumstances where your landlord ...
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Avoiding Fraud In Credit Repair With Guidelines From The FTC

Many people have been struggling with bad credit lately. Therefore many more people are looking at credit repair solutions for their problems. As of late there have been many more credit repair organizations cropping up but not all of these are completely honest. Some of them are fraudulent and as a consumer you need to beware. What is the FTC doing? The FTC is in charge of handling consumer complaints and issues. Over the years the FTC has conducted some serious investigations into the credit repair industry. In February 2006, in an investigation ...
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Statute Of Limitations Regarding Negative Credit Reporting

Back in 1970 the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the FCRA was put into law in order to protect consumers from unfair and fraudulent credit reporting. Among the provisions of the law were some distinct limitations on how long negative credit can be reported. If you have mistakes and inaccuracies showing on your report, you have the right to dispute the information and attempt to get it removed. The credit bureaus will have 30 days from the receipt of your dispute in order to verify the accuracy of their information or completely delete it from your ...
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Credit Repair Solutions That Can Help You

Many people have seen a decrease in their credit scores in the past few years due to the ailing economy. Credit is often necessary for major purchases so many of these people may be interested in credit repair and how it can help them. As a consumer you have the right to question and dispute negative credit information that is showing up on your credit report. Right now there many different credit repair solutions that are being advertised heavily on the Internet and other outlets. However, any bold promises such as restoration of your past perfect ...
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Positive Credit Repair For Your Financial Future

Very few people are able to go through life without having a credit problem or two. Right now with the current economic recession even more people are struggling with their credit. Unfortunately though, credit is often a very necessary part of life and most people depend upon credit in order to purchase the bigger items such as cars and houses. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to repair or at least improve your credit. Where are you starting from? The first step to making improvements towards your credit is to know exactly where you ...
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