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Top Four Benefits of Customer Service Courses

Excellent customer service is an invaluable aspect of your business’s success. Did you know that customers can require up to 12 positive experiences to make up for a single negative one? (Find out more fun customer service facts from Help Scout) Instead of worrying about making it up to your customers, ensure that you’ll never need to again. One of the best options for increasing customer satisfaction is training your employees with the help of customer service courses. These courses focus on common problems like call quality and employee happiness ...
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3 Simple Steps to Steer Clear of Financial Debts

Perhaps you spend like there is no tomorrow. And your online shopping binge has racked up a great deal of money at a frightening interest rate. Maybe you have so little money that you can barely keep your head above water. Don’t fret. There is a way out. To bail you out of the situation and give your financial health a good spanking, follow these steps. Assess the Extent of Financial Damage So, you had amassed a whopping amount of debt including credit card arrears. A lot of people do not what to do to improve their situation from that gaping ...
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4 Tips to Avoid Getting into Debt Further

It’s hard to escape a cliché like this- Don’t get into more debt to repay your current debt. It’s after all as comfortable as your old shoes. However, a huge number of debt-ridden consumers do just that. A lot of these people are doing their best to handle debt ruthlessly and cut down spending in order to get it down. Yet, not many people are successful at it. But why? Not paying attention to a few potential pitfalls of debt is why it is. Let’s try to figure it out. Set a Limit and Stay There How many of us set a cap on the amount of money ...
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Realize Your Investment Dreams with an Able Ally

Close your eyes and think about the standard American Dream? What comes to your mind? Perhaps, a well-furnished house; three lovely kids; and a dog. The scene of perfect lawns and white picket fences tops it off. Open your eyes. Get into reality. The new American Dream is not what you think it is. The times have changed. Many Americans, now, are just grateful that they are able to afford one kid while trying to make their retirement secure and juggling huge education loans. Having said that, it becomes critical to think twice when it boils down ...
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5 Reasons You Need An Emergency Fund

I am a huge believer in emergency funds. An emergency fund is where you save money on the side in case any big expense or lack of income were to occur in the future. You never know when this may happen, as life likes to throw a person curveballs every now and then. Below are 5 reasons you need an emergency fund. 1. It can help prevent debt. An emergency fund is key because it can help prevent debt, which in turn means that it can also help make sure that your credit score is up. This is because if you do not have an emergency fund, then you may ...
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Four Spread Betting Tips

Spread betting can be a great way to make money if you know what you are dealing with. You can make tax-free money, such as with ETX Capital, which can be a big positive to the normal way of investing and trading. However, if you are completely new to spread betting, how do you know what you are doing? Below are my four spread betting tips so that you can increase your spread betting profits and decrease any possible spread betting losses. Continue reading below! 1. Do your research. Before you get too deep into spread betting, you should try to ...
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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Car Insurance

You don’t always have a choice when it comes to the bills you have to pay on a monthly basis, but auto insurance is one that might actually offer some options for customization—and for savings. But you have to know what to look for. Below is a look at what your monthly premium actually buys you, along with a few common (and some not so common) tips to help you reduce your auto insurance expenses. What Are We Paying For? Across the United States, the current average yearly cost for auto insurance sits at $1,503.00. That’s a big chunk of change ...
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How To Stick To Your Financial Goals In 2015

It’s the first week of February, how are your 2015 financial goals going? If you are similar to the average person, then they might not be going so well. Most people give up on any resolution or annual goal by this time of the year, which is sad because it’s so early in the year still! If you want to stick to your financial goals in 2015, then I highly recommend that you read the below. Let’s make 2015 a successful and wonderful year for all of us. 1. Write down your financial goal. The first step you need to do is that you need to write ...
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